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CSW once attacked ABC for collecting money from Bitmain. In fact, ABC proposed at the beginning of the year that it needed to hire developers to undertake primary work and share the pressure of major developers. Bitmain’s donation was rejected, and ABC wa

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The third halving is expected to occur in May 2020. People have made some bold predictions about the price of Bitcoin: Bitcoin bull and billionaire Tim Draper believes that the price of a Bitcoin may soar to $250,000; Buffett sBooks founder PrestonPysh sa

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In addition, REP holders who voted for the "incorrect" option (defined as: REP holders who voted against the majority of REP holders) will also lose some REP. Therefore, infusions will only take the initiative to challenge the results reported b

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Bitcoin (BTC) is the most criticized one of the main reasons for its expansion problem, the system can not carry the daily transaction volume, resulting in slow efficiency, but this also gave birth to the Bitcoin side chain, Lightning Network (Lightning N

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The first is to introduce a gateway. The gateway is the import and export of funds in and out of the Ripple system, and is also an important node of the Ripple system platform. People can inject or withdraw various currencies (whether they are legal curre

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The Custodian contract itself is also replaceable. You can specify a new Custodian contract address through the requestCustodianChange and confirmCustodianChange methods of the CustodianUpgradeable contract, so as to adjust the mechanism of authority mana

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Cointelegraph frequently reports disputes related to different participants in the EOS ecosystem. The most recent dispute involved multiple super nodes. One of the nodes cancelled a transaction allegedly from a phishing account in November and has been co

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DOBI trading platform has maintained a strong momentum of development since its launch, and currently ranks in the top 100 on As of July 2018, the number of platform registrations and transactions has exceeded 50W, with more than 3,000

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There are indeed many large financial institutions entering the cryptocurrency field, such as Fidelity’s new cryptocurrency service unit, Bain Capital invested in an exchange, Coinbase’s completion of Series E financing, and licensing supervision in some…

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From the perspective of social effects and financial experiments, the current design of the central banks digital currency is indeed a compromise that takes into account all parties considerations, eliminates radical methods and minimizes the impact on th