But due to market demand, he thinks ETFs will come sooner or later. Based on this, he predicted that future institutionalLitecoin vs Ethereum vs Bitcoin investors will be divided into two types. One is that investors who truly understand the Bitcoin technology and directly hold the currency can enjoy all the advantages of holding the currency and truly achieve financial independence. The other type of investor can only access Bitcoin through financial instruments.

Who is Assange? Some people say that he is a hero who reveals ugly things, some say that he is a terrorist endangering national security, and some say that he is a warrior fighting for democracy and freedom. For some Bitcoin enthusiasts, Assange is also a supporter of cryptocurrency and one of the catalysts for the early disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Dapps have not yet appeared in large numbers, but the cost of running an Ethereum full node has increased dramatically. Unless Ethereum changes its architecture, users will eventually be forced to rely on a trusted third party instead of running a full node themselves. Unfortunately, we all know that a trusted third party may be a security hole in the entire system. For some use cases, this may not be a problem, but as a means of value storage, it is absolutely intolerable.

USDT's high degree of relevance to other cryptocurrencies makes it irritating for investors. It should be understood that although USDT is the most volatile stablecoin among the four mainstream stablecoins anchored to the U.S. dollar, its price fluctuation standard deviation has reached 0.02, which is twice that of TUSD, PAX and DAI, but it has the highest single-day amplitude in history. Not it. History was rewritten yesterday. After October 15, USDT's more than 5% amplitude has surpassed DAI to become the stable currency with the largest single-day amplitude.

When a miner finds a new block, it must be passed to all other nodes. Latency is especially important for mining nodes because they need to always work on the nearest block, otherwise their efforts will be wasted. In order to verify the most recent block, miners need to know which transactions are included and have copies of all these transactions.

Of course, Snowden could not attend this meeting in person. Due to the information leak in 2013, he still suffered "crimes against the state" due to political exile. Snowden's move broke the seal on the topic of privacy in the information age. He continued this topic in his keynote speech, especially because it relates to Bitcoin, his ideals and the futureLitecoin vs Ethereum vs Bitcoin of civil liberties in this age of surveillance.

AntPool, Bitmain's mining arm, is also a competitor. As part of its activities, AntPool is providing a strong developer community... to become the guardian of EOS network security. It also believes that its capital allocation and infrastructure of more than 2,000 servers make it an ideal candidate for maintaining super nodes. ViaBTC, another mining conglomerate, announced its participation in the Super Node election, thanks to its developer community and existing infrastructure.