Disorderly stop loss may gradually erode your limited account, because every stop loss becomes a reality, it gui bitcoin miningmeans you have a small loss, so your account will become thinner and thinner.

Yang Hongfei: the latest trading strategy of gold is to avoid risks and suppress pressure and then fall back. Every time we give up easily, it is a blasphemy to the trend. Every time we blindly carry, we despise the capital. Unilateral appearance is like a beam of light in the tunnel. This is the patent of the adherents. Everyone yearns for the favor of luck, and everyone is eager to double the price Sometimes light tasteless, sometimes fierce crazy, used to ups and downs, tasted sadness and joy, a unilateral, enough to make up for all shocks.

Jiang Jun, Kang Yang

(source: Shanghai Securities News)

Then, so far this year, A-share electronic plate market has been relatively stable.

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4. There is a fluke mentality in bad mentality.

In terms of disk, chip semiconductors, photolithography machines, gallium nitride, 5g and telecommunication equipment ranked first. There were dozens of stock trading limits for chips. This is a disk feature that has not happened for a long time. This is related to market expectations, and is also an important part of key technologies, key accessories and domestic substitutes. Domestic software, components, operating systems, software services and mobile phone industry chain follow It's going up.