Gandham is a chairman of CryptoUK. He pointed out that it has been a little more than eight years since Bitcoin completed the first transaction. Today we have seen that Bitcoin haHow to read Bitcoin transactionss begun to meet the demand for daily currency. He also said that the ability of cryptocurrencies to simplify cross-border payments may be a factor in pushing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

And this article on the topic of Bitcoin privacy, translated from, involves various Bitcoin privacy technologies, anti-privacy technologies, and dozens of specific case explanations, which is extremely comprehensive. The total number of characters exceeds 40,000, but the content is very practical, I recommend that you read it patiently.

"What do antiques, time, and gold have in common? They are all expensive because of their original cost or historical impossibility, and this cost is difficult to deceive. Realizing this on a computer is unforgeable Cost involves some problems. If these problems can be overcome, we can get bitgold."-Nick Sabo

Coinmarketcap has deducted the USDT redeemed by Tether from the market value, but it has not attracted attention. The market value of Tether is now $2 billion, down from $2.8 billion two weeks ago-Tether has recovered nearly 30% of the entire token supply. Even if we assume that non-Tether dealers redeemed $200 million, this means that Tether successfully repurchased $600 million worth of tokens at a discount of 3-5%. The repurchase made Tether's profit between 18 million and 30 million US dollars. If Tether wants to continue, there is still $2 billion to operate. The current discount is relatively stable, with 3-4% in recent days.

The Goldman Sachs report highlighted the extreme volatility of Bitcoin, stating that its value fell by 37% in one day on March 12, 2020. Thomas pointed out that this kind of volatility is not unique to cryptocurrencies, and pointed out that only one month later there was a serious crash in oil prices. He said:

The graph shows the standardized U.S. dollar price and transaction volume of 5 different LTC trading pairs since April 2014. LTC/BTC, LTC/USDT, LTC/USD, LTC/EUR and LTC/CNY. The orange line represents the price indeHow to read Bitcoin transactionsx, blue is LTC/BTC, yellow is LTC/USDT, green is LTC/USD, blue is LTC/EUR, and LTC/CNY is light blue. The bar graph represents the total trading volume in US dollars, and different colors correspond to different trading pairs.

However, if most of the computing power is under one person's control, then if this computing power is abused, it will lead to 51% attacks. In this case, the attacker is limited to being able to double spend his own funds, not anyone else's funds. They may actually not verify the requirements, thus trying to blackmail the entire network. But if there are two different node clients with different rules, that is, two chains, the attacker needs to have 51% of the computing power on both the chain he is attacking and the chain he promotes.