JamesonLopp: I support the idea of ​​ETC developers, but because the circle is too small, there is a big disadvantage. They do not have enough manpower and technology to build this network. Therefore, if they want to become a strong competNvidia Bitcoin miningitor in this field, they will face greater challenges.

The fourth section of the proof of work, the proof of work is to calculate the overall hash value of the data obtained in the second and third sections to obtain a random number, which makes the number before the final hash value appear many zeros. This calculation itself It has no practical meaning and can control and adjust the difficulty. The winner of the calculation has the right to account for the system data.

The direct disagreement in this war is the dispute over the running client version. The BitcoinABC development team developed an 8M block capacity Bitcoin client around July 2017, which was supported by expansion supporters. It was launched on August 1, 2017 and operated independently of the BTC network, with the current BCH.

The main application of Bitcoin is P2P transactions. Bitcoin uses Script (a stacked non-Turing complete language) to define and execute transactions. When the sender sends bitcoins through a transaction, the sender will use a script to code and specify who can control the funds. Script contains a set of opcodes or commands. The sender can use these opcodes to specify the conditions that must be met to spend a bitcoin.

BCH supporters on the Reddit forum also discussed the developer documentation. Some commented that they appreciate that BCH development has been going on normally, and other BCH enthusiasts began to ask when the block size will increase next time. The well-known BCH community member Homopit has already responded, saying:

In addition to Sphinxsend, the code changNvidia Bitcoin mininges will also lay the foundation for future highly anticipated code changes, including Atomic Multi-Path Payments (AMP), which is a method of combining multiple Lightning Network payment channels into one channel .

When the whales as a group again began to accumulate more Bitcoin, each whale became poorer. The average bitcoin value held by whales (that is, the average bitcoin wealth per whale) has been declining since 2011, and it has not increased substantially in 2020 as the number of whales increases.

The Bitcoin blockchain also sets such regulations. But the hash value of each block on the chain is constant. How to ensure that a consistent hash value can be obtained when fixed information is input? This requires randomly adding any value to each block, also known as a nonce.

But at the same time, many people think that listing is an effective way for cryptocurrency to attract institutional investors, and it can open up the connection between it and Wall Street and lay the foundation for the popularization of cryptocurrency. They believe that cryptocurrency can coexist with the traditional financial industry. With the addition of cryptocurrency, the financial industry can develop more efficiently and its old system can be updated.