William, the chief researcher of OKEx Research, pointed out that the global liquidity crisis that occurred in early March of this year caused a sharp drop in various risk assets around the world, even encrypted digital currencies. At present, the global central banks are implementing loose monetUSB Bitcoin walletary policies, and the gradual control of the epidemic has started to restore investor confidence in the market, which directly contributed to the rapid short-term rebound of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin storm has swept the world for 10 years. With thousands of competing cryptocurrencies competing to attract investors’ attention, the world of'crypto' has gone through the first stage of the classic invention life cycle, with early pioneers It is the sign, then the hype, then the proliferation of newcomers, and finally the reality. And then, it will be one of the following two results:

For ordinary investors like us, the halving of Bitcoin will have a high probability of increasing the price of the currency, and the increase in the price of Bitcoin will often drive the development of the entire cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, for a long time, the halving will not matter Whether it brings more or less dividends is a good thing for retail investors.

And now I am experiencing pain and torture. How can I let him take the responsibility of making up for the mistakes? Let me do it in the future. With this psychological setting, I can more boldly and fully describe how I should progress, how to gain experience and make up for mistakes.

The core design idea of ​​UTXO is: it records transaction events, not the final state. To calculate how many bitcoins a user has, it is necessary to sum all UTXOs in his wallet, and the result is his holdings. The UTXO model uses UTXO as the unit of transfer transactions, that is to say, when paying, it is an integer multiple of UTXO, such as 1 UTXO, 3 UTXO, and no 0.5 UTXO.

The author was once responsible for the creation of a digital currency exchange in the United States. Due to work reasons, I have dealt with relevant US regulatory agencies many times, and I know that the US regulatory authorities will never let digital currency be left alone. At the federal management level, digital currencies are mainly performed by four agencies. SEC The US Securities Regulatory Commission mainly supervises the issuance of ICO and STO, whether it is an illegal fund-raising financial fraud. The CFTC Commodity Futures Trading CoUSB Bitcoin walletmmission mainly manages from market manipulation. FinCEN US Financial Crime Enforcement Team, which belongs to the Ministry of Treasury, mainly supervises anti-money laundering. The Office of Foreign Assets Management of OFAC, also under the Ministry of Finance, is an agency that enforces economic and trade bans and sanctions on overseas countries and companies. The ban on US companies and ZTE’s business was issued by this agency.

Dissatisfaction with the political and economic status quo and increasing extreme emotions are all likely to break or change our existing theoretical framework. In the current era, these two topics, like all other topics, can easily cause widespread speculation, distortion and confusion among the public. Other political forces will also cause this topic to attract wider attention.

As early as 2011, the father of free software, Richard Stallman, began to collect relevant arguments. Stallman bluntly said that users using Facebook are not as used by Facebook (beused by), and directly referred to Facebook users as Used.