Diar analyzed USDT, Bitcoin, and Ethereum trading pairs, and the results showed that traders’ interest in USDT was significantly weakened, and the inflow of funds into Bitcoin and other cryptocuBitcoin profitrrencies began to increase. The data analyzed by Diar comes from the top two exchanges by trading volume-Binance and OKEx.

PayPal focuses on payment services, providing services such as transfer, payment, and collection, covering 202 countries and regions, supporting 25 currencies, becoming the leader in cross-border payment services, and is known as the global version or the US version of Alipay. It is reported that PayPal cooperates with many e-commerce websites, as well as some mainstream digital asset trading platforms. For example, OKEX can add a PayPal account in the legal currency payment setting.

The security of Bitcoin does not lie in its code base, computing power, electricity invested in proof of work, or the mathematical characteristics of elliptic curve cryptography. Bitcoin is safe because of our group of users guarding it. Just as data centers or vaults ultimately need to rely on people to defend against intruders, Bitcoin nodes and wallets ultimately rely on a physical force to protect them, and people with physical access rights can redefine the functions of this machine, or Acquire knowledge and content of related functions.

The second difficulty is how to combine the Internet of Things and big data off-chain. In multi-center blockchains, alliance chains, verification nodes are banks, participating node companies, and multi-centers have a problem. How to manage alliances, alliances are trusted communities , Governance is mainly two types of issues, how to form a sustainable business model, how to develop on this basis, how to use digital currency in the future, there is a development problem, membership system, fees, and some banks I'm not willing to do it anymore, and I'm not very motivated. How to motivate is a problem, and it's still being discussed.

According to the latest results of "Worth" magazine, Bakkt CEO Kelly Leoffler was selected as WorthPower100 by "Worth" magazine, ranking 72nd. It is reported that the ranking includes the 100 most influential men and women in the global financial industry in 2018. The selection also includes the Secretary of Commerce, Facebook founder, Chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission, and CEO of the World Bank.

InVault: An enterprise-level digital asset custody platform that provBitcoin profitides customized decentralized corporate wallets, collaborative custody, and dedicated account custody solutions for domestic and foreign institutional customers and qualified investor customers. It is suitable for corporate digital asset custody, Digital currency fund custody, exchange wallet custody, digital asset collateral custody various business scenarios. InVault has a Hong Kong compliance trust license and is also one of the earliest participating digital asset custody institutions in China. It currently supports BTC, ETH and ERC20 series of tokens. InVault said in mid-2018 that it had received tens of millions of yuan in angel round investment led by Jingwei.

Bancor's head of media, Nate Hindman, stated that although the team has blocked the transfer of approximately 2.5 million BNT tokens (worth approximately US$10 million), approximately 25,000 ETH (worth approximately US$12.5 million) and nearly 300 million NPXS tokens (Worth about US$1 million) Irrecoverable.