But he was not satisfied with the $2 bitcoin reward per hour, but used a paid reading model to earn higher value bitcoins. When posting an article on the forum, he only gave the fWhat is Bitcoinirst paragraph, and the rest of the article needs to be paid to read. An entire article probably requires readers to pay 5 bitcoins. In this way, each article can get 20-40 dollars in income.

CSW's rebellious operation of transferring BTC held by Satoshi Nakamoto and the subsequent exposure of forged evidence turned him into a liar, and Gavin who supported him was also regarded as an accomplice in the incident. For a time the community lost its trust in Gavin, and Gavin's core maintainer status was also removed; so far he has completely lost his influence in Bitcoin development. But what is interesting is that the miners who once abandoned Gavin's proposal have since taken on the task of promoting expansion; and Gavin, a large block supporter, also turned to support BCH after the birth of Bitcoin Cash.

In order to compete for limited user resources, various exchanges rush to waive handling fees, open futures transactions, and develop peripheral services and functions such as financing and currency management, financial management, block browsers, and mining pools. The competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Scenes of love and hatred were also staged between the exchanges, which became thrilling with the ups and downs of the market. Although the exchanges are rivals to each other, on the surface, harmony still needs to be maintained. Compared with the blockchain community that frequently hosts summits in Hong Kong, the currency circle at that time was simple and shabby, without suits and shoes and spotlights, and gatherings were nothing more than After drinking draft beer, the bosses of several exchanges can also stand shirtlessly at the stalls.

A high price-earnings ratio (relative to companies in the same industry) means that the market is paying a premium for other companies with similar income. In many cases, this premium may be guaranteed, for example, the company has a higher revenue growth rate, or has an innovative CEO who can drive long-term high revenue.

Judging from the TOP50 currency transaction volume differentiation indicator developed by BlockVC in the figure below, in the bull market in 2017, the transaction volume of TOP50 currencies has become more and more diversified, which means that investors are very widely involved in more currencies. Since January 2018, the market transaction volume concentration has continued to concentrate on top projects. Air coins, small and medium-sized market capitalization currencies, and second-tier mainstream currencies have lost blood in turn, and even some mainstream currencies have begun to fall behind.

Both PIVX and Zcoin are built on the Zerocoin Protocol technology, and both are committed to privacy payments. PIVX's current daily average Tx is between 500-1000, 116 merchants that accept PIVX are listed on the official website, and a total of 17 global PIVX ambassadors are recruited for global commercial promotion (similar to Dash's strategy). Zcoin's Tx remains below 50What is Bitcoin0. On its official website and Roadmap, we only found its cooperation with PolisPay, a debit card company.

In addition, another important person worth noting is Twitter and SquareCEOJackDorsey. Dorsey has now become a strong supporter of the Lightning Network. He said that Square's support for the Lightning Network is only a matter of time, probably to increase the recognition of Bitcoin among merchants. Recently, he also stated that he would vote for $10,000 in Bitcoin every week.