DOBI trading platform has maintained a strong momentum of development since its launch, and currently ranks in the top 100 on As of July 2018, the number of platform registrations andBuy bitcoin exchange transactions has exceeded 50W, with more than 3,000 new registered users per day, the highest number of daily active users has exceeded 10,000, and the daily transaction volume has exceeded 50 million US dollars.

The arrival of disruptive technology. The emergence of personal computers, commercial Internet service providers, and better web browser technology has created a consumer market for Internet companies. The popularity of the Internet in the 1990s also experienced rapid growth. As for cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has existed for a long time before the cryptocurrency market boomed. Distributed ledger technology was proposed more than ten years ago. Only recently, with the popularity of Bitcoin and the launch of platforms like Ethereum, have people discovered more ways to apply this technology. Traditional institutions legalized the technology by starting to deploy blockchain projects.

In addition, Bitso also launched a merchant e-commerce platform-BitsoPay system, which supports functions such as instant payment, transaction cancellation, and fund rebalancing. Merchants can accept Bitcoin transactions as long as they deploy the corresponding POS application, and they can also be exempt from handling fees and commissions.

☆ Divide 5000 yuan into 10 parts. 500 yuan per serving. Buy 500 yuan now. In the later stage, the BTC will predict ZIL. Every time I think about 500 yuan in the right position, this requires technical analysis and prediction. Rise and fall can not be radical, try to keep the forecast for more than one day in operation. Personal judgment is very likely to go down, so every time it falls below the support level that I think is right, add 500 yuan.

According to the data provided by Coin, in the past 24 hours, the contract market on the entire network has liquidated a total of 7.9 billion US dollars, and the number of liquidated positions reached 41,257. The largest single liquidation order occurred at Bitmex, with a value of 9.24 million US dollars. Among the currencies with the highest liquidation amount, BTC liquidated US$4.3 billion, ETH liquidated US$128 million, BCH liquidated US$49.21 million, EOS liquidated US$36.22 million, and BSV liquidated US$23.2 million.

On May 6, 2019, Bitcoin protocol developer Pieter Wuille published a soft fork proposal called "Taproot" to the Bitcoin developer mailing list. If the proposal is accepted, it may supplement the Schnorrsignature soft fork upgrade released by Pieter in July 2018. The benefits of these proposals are related to scalability (efficiency) and privacy. Scalability and privacy now seem to be related and inseparable. WhBuy bitcoin exchangeile removing the details of the business and ensuring the reduction of transaction processing (improving scalability), they reduced the information disclosed, so it may not be distinguishable from different types of transactions, thereby increasing privacy.

Among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, Ripple, which performed best in the previous period, became the hardest hit area of ​​this decline. Its current price has fallen by nearly 35% from the highest price of $0.7 a few days ago. One of the reasons is its previous period. The increase is too high and the profit needs to flee. Another main reason is that the former co-founder of Ripple Jed McCaleb accelerated the dumping of his Ripple coins. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. McCaleb has 5.3 billion Ripple coins. Since August, Mr. McCaleb will sell 499,312 Ripple in the market every day, and occasionally sell 752,076 Ripple, and the Wall Street Journal reported this news, obviously intensifying market panic.

The transmission mechanism of the BTC halving cycle to the price cycle is that it affects supply expectations. At this stage, the BTC income obtained by miners mainly comes from block rewards, and transaction fees account for a relatively small proportion. The halving of block rewards will reduce the expected BTC income of miners across the network. At the same time, after long-term development, the mining industry has become relatively mature. The computing power of BTC is basically a dedicated mining machine for the SHA-256 algorithm, and it is impossible to change the mining of other algorithms. Even if there are new mining machines, it is difficult to replace the original mining machines in large quantities in a short time due to production capacity and cost issues. Bitmain's S15 is a good example. Therefore, the computing power and cost of BTC are rigid in the short term. Only if the price rises after the output is halved, can miners maintain a reasonable level of profitability. Otherwise, miners may be more willing to hoard BTC, and the mining industry has always had a bear market hoarding argument. In addition, the halving of block rewards will also reduce inflation expectations and further strengthen the ability of BTC to resist inflation. The expected inflation rate of BTC in 2019 is that from 8 to 2025, the inflation rate will fall below 1%, and by 2057, the inflation rate will be less than one ten thousandth.

In itself, the result of a hard fork should be the emergence of two separate chains with the same root, but because the SV sent Satoshi Aomoto threatened in a recent interview that he would use various resources under his control to launch a war, or even destroy it with money. Bitmain has this unprecedented computing power battle.