The first is to introduce a gateway. The gateway is the import and export of funds in and out of the Ripple system, and is also an important node of the Ripple system platform. People can inject or withdraw various currencies (whether they are legal currencies in various countries or virtual currencies such as Bitcoin) into or out of the Ripple system through the gateway. Gateways include financial institutions Bitcoin investment stockssuch as banks that have joined up.

The third section talks about the timestamp server, which adds a timestamp to the transaction and signature in the second section to form a chain data structure, and each timestamp contains the previous transaction in its hash value The timestamp of the chain is formed, and each new timestamp on the chain has the effect of the time stamp before it is enhanced, thus forming the basic framework structure of the blockchain.

BSV itself is not lacking in topicality. As the representative of this fork coin, Dr. CraigSWright has repeatedly called himself the founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, CSW has always attracted a lot of public opinion attacks. The most recent time was that Binance Exchange directly delisted BSV, which also caused many disputes with BitcoinCore supporters on Twitter.

The StratumV2 protocol is Betterhash's second-generation Stratum protocol implementation, which modifies the original Stratum protocol (Note: Stratum protocol is currently the most commonly used TCP communication protocol between mining machines and mining pools). The implementation suggests that individual miners choose the blocks they want to mine, rather than let the mining pool operator choose. This potential improvement to the operation of mining pools will put more power in the hands of individual miners and further increase the decentralization of the network.

Second, use Token to buy goods or services outside the blockchain. But Token price is an important factor. Token supply has no flexibility, lacks intrinsic value support and sovereign credit guarantee, high price fluctuations, and cannot effectively perform currency functions. Therefore, stable currency is an important direction, and the central digital currency can also be understood from this perspective.

From the birth of Bitcoin in 2009 to May 22, 2010, it had its first transaction with the real world: a programmer LaszloHanyecz spent 10,000 Bitcoins and bought two pizzas. Before this, Bitcoin was only circulated in a very small circle. Bitcoin mining miners were the vast majority of Bitcoin users at that time. They held Bitcoin as a by-product of their own hobbies. At this time, Bitcoin Coin is more like a toy. After 2010, Bitcoin began to trade with the real world. With the occurrence of transactions and the emergence of exchanges, its price gradually increased, breaking through US$1 and US$10 in 2011. At this time, Bitcoin attracted some geeks who paid attention to digital currency early. They own Bitcoin, and they collect it because they are interested. No one at that time could have expected Bitcoin to have what it is today. During this period of time, Bitcoin has also attracted the attention of many criminals. They discovered that Bitcoin can be the best payment tool for money laundering, illegal transactions and tax evasion. Users of the famous Silkroad website are typical representatives. In the eyes of these criminals, Bitcoin is the universal currency in the illegal world. Only 2 years later, Bitcoin rose from 10 USD to 100 USD, and 4 years later, Bitcoin rose from 100 USD to 1,000 USD, and within 1 year, it rose from 1,000 USD to 10,000 USD, and even reached the highest point 18,000 USD. Or so, and then fell back to $3,000 within a year. Such huge price fluctuations have attracted many speculators who dare to take risks. Bitcoin is a speculative product in their eyes to get rich quickly. The public really understands and participates in BitcBitcoin investment stocksoin investment. It will not start until 2017. Bitcoin has gone through a dazzling wave of trends in 2017. The large and continuous media reports made the investing public care about this virtual investment for the first time. . For a time, many users flocked to the exchange to open accounts, with the purpose of buying and holding digital currencies, waiting for the future appreciation. Institutional customers also joined the team. Of course, institutional customers have another purpose for buying Bitcoin. They can use Bitcoin as a means of investment payment to invest in blockchain projects. These projects require digital currency investment. At this time, Bitcoin bears the value and payment. Function.