At that CoinGeek meeting, Satoshi Oban cited an example of a used car to explain his thoughts. Now when buying a used car online, the seller tells the buyer all the information about a car, and the buyer may not believe it, because the trust problem is too serious and the buyer cannot verify what the seller says. But on the chain, a used car has been repaired several times, how long it has been used, and where it has had an accident, these information will be rJames Altucher Bitcoinecorded by different groups. Buyers will not have trust issues at all, because the information on the chain is cross-validated and it is difficult to falsify.

This month, Polkadot will release two major versions: 1.0beta of our third-generation blockchain technology stack, Substrate. With it, you will be able to quickly develop, test, and deploy a blockchain. If necessary, you can upgrade it, switch the consensus algorithm, and even connect it to the Polkadot network as a secondary chain or a bridged independent chain when the time is right. . If you want to learn more, please check the Substrate site.

The company’s customer relationship in India seems to be a bit problematic because some fake news spread through WhatsApp led to local riots. Nevertheless, Facebook still has a lot of room for growth in the country. In India, Internet users reached 800 million, second only to. It is estimated that by 2022, this number will grow to 3.7 billion.

M is the number of tokens, V is the circulation velocity of tokens, P is the token price, and T is the total transaction volume in the system. It is easy to understand that both sides of the equation are actually GDP measured by the number of tokens. M*V on the left is the number multiplied by the velocity of circulation equal to GDP (token measurement), and the total GDP on the right (measured in fiat currency) divided by the Token price (measured in fiat currency) is also equal to GDP (measured in Token).

The issuance of Bitcoin requires a consensus among core developers, miners, mining pools and other stakeholders. The consensus is the foundation of their belief in Bitcoin. From this perspective, Zhu Fang believes that additional issuance is simply impossible: "If you think about it, it took so long to expand from 1 trillion to 2 trillion, and then to 8 trillion. How long will this matter be delayed. I started talking in 14 years, 116 years. The debate has always been fierce, but it was only 17 years ago that BCH was forked, and decisions on small matters were very long, so how could it be possible to pass such a big issue soon?"

"SecuJames Altucher Bitcoinrities Daily": In recent years, a variety of blockchain actions have emerged in the process of blockchain empowering the real economy. The Blockchain Professional Committee of the Communications Industry Association advocates the promotion of blockchain reform, that is, chain reform actions. Excuse me, what is chain reform? What role does the association play in it?

"Forbes" released the 2018 cryptocurrency rich list in February 2018. Considering the market decline this year, the list has not been updated. In this list, Larsen became the richest person in the cryptocurrency industry, followed by Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, who is also the founder of Consensys. Ranked third is Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance.