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DOBI trading platform has maintained a strong momentum of development since its launch, and currently ranks in the top 100 on As of July 2018, the number of platform registrations and transactions has exceeded 50W, with more than 3,000

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But he was not satisfied with the $2 bitcoin reward per hour, but used a paid reading model to earn higher value bitcoins. When posting an article on the forum, he only gave the first paragraph, and the rest of the article needs to be paid to read. An ent

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Diar analyzed USDT, Bitcoin, and Ethereum trading pairs, and the results showed that traders’ interest in USDT was significantly weakened, and the inflow of funds into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies began to increase. The data analyzed by Diar comes f

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BitFlyer founder and CEO YuzoKano said that they are recruiting experienced traders and bankers around the age of 40, who have important experience in regulated market activities; in addition, they also hope to recruit young talents around the age of 20.

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Distributed systems always need to weigh the pros and cons. If you want to overcome limitations (for example, FLP is impossible), you must make sacrifices elsewhere. In this case, it is very good to break down the concerns into safety and liveness. It all

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