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The rise of DeFi allows people to hold Bitcoin not only for long-term value-added purposes, but also for obtaining stable income from liquidity mining. This is a brand-new empowerment for Bitcoin, which gives Bitcoin more For a wide range of values, as mo

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Mt.Gox used to be the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world, and 70% of Bitcoin transactions were conducted here. However, due to a security breach, the platform lost more than 7% of Bitcoin (of which 750,000 belonged to users and 100,000 belonged to exch

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But is this obsession with TPS too much? Except for some relatively professional projects, fast and stable completion of transactions is crucial for all projects. However, in the wider financial technology field, this phenomenon does not exist. The global

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EOSIO is maintained by a Authorized Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) system that was originally created by Larimer and is still used by Steemit-a blogging platform he created in 2016. Larimer explained the details of DPoS on the platform he called his lost white pap

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When asked if he plans to retreat to the second line in the future, Buterin replied that this is in progress, but did not give a time frame. Buterin confirmed that it is already in progress; looking at the previous, most of the research work is now done b

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