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William, the chief researcher of OKEx Research, pointed out that the global liquidity crisis that occurred in early March of this year caused a sharp drop in various risk assets around the world, even encrypted digital currencies. At present, the global c

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JamesonLopp: I support the idea of ​​ETC developers, but because the circle is too small, there is a big disadvantage. They do not have enough manpower and technology to build this network. Therefore, if they want to become a strong competitor in this fi…

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On the afternoon of April 2nd, OKEx officially announced the OKJumpstart sales rules on its official website. According to the rules, OKJumpstart will be sold by appointment and lottery, and OKB is the only pass that can be used for appointment and paymen

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"If the player finds the treasure fast, the game is expected to end within a year." Eric told us. The game Satoshis Treasure uses a simple Shamir private key segmentation model. The threshold numbers of 1000 and 400 are calculated by some models

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Gandham is a chairman of CryptoUK. He pointed out that it has been a little more than eight years since Bitcoin completed the first transaction. Today we have seen that Bitcoin has begun to meet the demand for daily currency. He also said that the ability

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