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"If the player finds the treasure fast, the game is expected to end within a year." Eric told us. The game Satoshis Treasure uses a simple Shamir private key segmentation model. The threshold numbers of 1000 and 400 are calculated by some models

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Gandham is a chairman of CryptoUK. He pointed out that it has been a little more than eight years since Bitcoin completed the first transaction. Today we have seen that Bitcoin has begun to meet the demand for daily currency. He also said that the ability

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The Coincheck damage countermeasure team recently posted on Twitter that the amount of compensation sought in this case is more than twice the amount reported by Sankei. On February 27, they claimed that the loss exceeded 900 million yen (more than 4 mill

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According to the news from coindesk on November 17, the origin protocol stable currency ousd was attacked by lightning loan, and its price has dropped to US $0.13. The attack cost origin protocol a total of $2.25 million in Dai and $1 million in eth. Sinc

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Recently, Liu Jiawei, CEO of BtoC, said that the blockchain + e-commerce model, which was initiated by the bank, solved the difficulties encountered in the development of traditional e-commerce industry by using blockchain technology, which is one of the

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