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Edward Snowden, a bitcoin advocate, tweeted yesterday: today, I know that the dollar has fallen by 99.93% since 2013 (relative to bitcoin).Jason Williams, co-founder of Morgan Creek, tweeted this morning that to make bitcoin equal to the market value of g

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The global observation area of firecoin global station is scheduled to launch SKL (skale) on November 30, 2020. SKLs maximum position (parent account and sub account) is 50000 usdt equivalent token. API transactions and hot money silver card VIP (includin

Best cloud bitcoin mining The live interview program "Friday analysis is the way" 20201204 has ended. In this issue, KOL is invited to be the currency circle Zhongda, and The partner jiuer shared with the audience the current market situation and the view

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According to cointegraph, Russian central bank governor Elvira nabiullina said Russias digital ruble is expected to reduce business costs, but could also weaken commercial banks profits from commissions and transaction fees. Digital rubles can also make p

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XRPs sudden pull off the key $0.30 typical pressure level, has opened up space up. At the same time, the K-line price adjustment space is small, is to digest the selling pressure in the way of large-scale horizontal volatility, so the impact on the trend

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