In January 2013, the founder of the Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, was arrested at his home. On May 31, 2017, Ross was convicted of losing the appeal and sentenced to life imprisonment. It has bBitcoin price history 2018een five years since he was arrested. This article is his personal experience of his five-year prison life.

In the announcements before and after the BCH fork, the C-type exchange did not clearly indicate which party will support the deposit and withdrawal of BCHABC or BCHSV in the future, and this type of exchange has a wait-and-see attitude throughout the fork. Their announcements often Only the snapshot time, deposit and withdrawal suspension time, risk warnings, and bystander positions following developments will be mentioned. Type C exchanges can announce the deposit and withdrawal and trading of the two currencies after the chain fork becomes stable, so it naturally has a tendency to change to other types of exchanges.

Bitex's chief marketing officer Manuel Beaudroit said that the company is part of the Argentine government project ExportaSimple, which can handle goods and services worth less than $15,000, and Bitex hopes to improve the efficiency of such cross-border payments.

After all, both Liberty Reserve and E-gold have been shut down because they can easily target known entities handling pseudonymous transactions on the Internet. Bitcoin is much more resistant to regulatory attacks, which is why Bitcoin is often compared to the file sharing protocol BitTorrent.

Apart from LeRoux's criminal status, he is also a very good programmer. As early as 1999, LeRoux presided over the design of the free disk encryption software E4M for Windows. In addition, he may also participate in the development of the open source TrueCrypt disk encryption technology software based on E4M.

AMBCrypto pointed out that last month, after MakerGovernance voted to use WBTC as collateral for the Maker protocol, the number of bitcoins locked in DeFi exploded. Since then, the total value of WBTC locked up has also risen sharply and hit a record high on June 2, reaching 39 million US dollars. (Bitcoin price history 2018Note: WBTC is an ERC-20 token that anchors Bitcoin at 1:1 through multi-party custody, which is the fourth type of collateral included in the Maker agreement)

Dorsey recently accepted a podcast interview with industry content creator MartyBent. In this nearly 30-minute interview, Dorsey talked about his full involvement in this potentially revolutionary cause of Bitcoin. Although Dorsey reiterated some of his thoughts in previous media interviews, the Twitter CEO specifically disclosed some information about how he invests in cryptocurrencies.