Barry Silbert-early adopter of Bitcoin, founder of Digital Currency Group (DigitalCurrencyGroup). He allegedly bought 80,000 bitcoins from the dark web operators' bitcoins confiscated by the US police at a price of 16.8 million U.S. dollars in 2014, and put them on the bitcoin market todayNew Bitcoin mining hardware. The value of his bitcoin reserves About 1.2 billion US dollars.

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On August 8th, the ABC team announced that the 0.18 version of the code is about to be completed. On the same day, CSW tweeted and criticized the BCH developers’ plans to promote graphene, weak blocks, and pre-consensus improvements that are meaningless. He emphasized that Bitcoin is not a social experiment, not a developer For the toy, Bitcoin has established a solid cornerstone in version 0.1. All BCH needs to do is: 1) Expand capacity; lock the agreement. CSW threatened that the November upgrade would fail, and he would replace the developer.

Obviously, based on the stance of the mother of cryptocurrency Peirce on the active advancement of digital assets, even though she has repeatedly released Bitcoin ETF approval at the Bitcoin ETF application stalls, it is only a matter of time and other positive signals, but for now , Her statement still cannot represent the regulatory stance of the entire SEC, nor can it even serve as a prediction of the SEC's recent trends. At least in the short term, the listing of Bitcoin ETFs is still unpredictable.

UW-CBDC is a cross-border payment solution proposed by the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England and the Monetary Authority of Singapore in the 2018 research report "Cross-border Interbank Payment and Settlement". In UW-CBDC, U refers to universal use, W refers to wholesale type, and CBDC refers to central bank digital currency (but UW-CBDC is not issued by the central bank). UW-CBDC is similar to FacebookLibra in many ways (Figure 1 Figure on page 36 of the above report.

The founder of EOS defined EOS as a globally scalable blockchain society governed by a written constitution. EOS completed its launch two weeks ago, but because the stolen private key caused controversy, it immediately tested the feasibilityNew Bitcoin mining hardware of the EOS governance structure, especially the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF), which aims to resolve network participants Disputes between institutions.