Barclays is not the only Yahoo Finance Bitcoinfinancial giant accused of intending to enter the cryptocurrency field. The well-known investment bank Goldman Sachs has also been accused of developing a cryptocurrency trading platform. Like Barclays, Goldman Sachs's attitude is also very unclear, sometimes denying it will deny the existence of this plan, and sometimes suggesting that it does intend to trade cryptocurrency.

Jack: My point is that altcoins other than Bitcoin should not exist strictly. What they do is pretend to have done something that Bitcoin can’t do or haven’t done yet. This is actually information and An arbitrage behavior developed. The entire cryptocurrency market is still very interested in the Lightning Network, but the level of understanding is not enough.

[Exclusive report] On April 3, 2018, Beijing time, and April 2, Washington time, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued an announcement stating that the federal government has arrested two of the cryptocurrency company Centra (CTR) The co-founders SamSharma and Robert Farkas, and are preparing to initiate criminal and civil prosecutions against them. The complaint is mainly against the company’s $32 million raised from thousands of investors in the ICO last September, and sued them for fraud in the ICO.


Soon, BrockPierce took over the remaining 12% of Mt.Gox from Stellar/Ripple co-founder JedMcCaleb. According to industry rumors, McCaleb was facing internal and external attacks: internally, the team was busy with the stellar project, externally, Ripple's power was rapid, and the competition between the two reached its peak. In this case, JedMcCaleb agreed to sell the remaining shares for 1BTC.

On March 4, a user on Weibo claimed that Mentougou would use 80,000 BTC to hit the market. It happened that the BTC price dropped sliYahoo Finance Bitcoinghtly on that day, so the news was considered by the industry to be malicious short BTC. The user soon deleted Weibo and issued a "disclaimer" stating that the above news was indeed unreviewed false information.

The report states that the explosive growth of ICOs started after Kik announced the issuance of their tokens at the Consensus/token summit in May 2017. Although this decentralized fundraising method seems to have suddenly become popular for no reason, the ICO boom actually started with the first test of Mastercoin in 2013 and the pre-sale of Ethereum in the summer of 2014.