Ripple and Tron have fallen 88% from their all-time highs, and Cardano and Dash have fallen 87% and 85%, respectively. The enthusiasm in January of this year has long since subsided, when the entire market was convinced that altcoin prices would go to the sky (tothemoon). At the time, some articles suggested that many high-supply cryptocurrency investors may not fully understand concepts such as digitHow to make Bitcoin transactions anonymousal scarcity. Investors only pay attention to the price of a certain currency, rather than considering the value of the total circulating supply.

EIP1234: Advocated by Afri Schoedon, the main ETH client Parity release manager, this is also the most controversial part of the ETH upgrade. It will reduce the block reward of the ETH network from 3ETH to 2ETH, and will delay the difficulty bomb by 12 Time of month.

The credit of GUSD is endorsed by the US government and can be approximately equal to the US dollar. With GUSD, you don't need the help of banks and third-party payment companies. You only need to have an Ethereum wallet, which is really convenient. Although obtaining GUSD from the source requires complicated KYC, I estimate that except for Americans, it is possible to pass such strict KYC. But because of the existence of encrypted digital currency over-the-counter transactions, and encrypted digital currency exchanges are also destined to list GUSD. So I judged that there are not too many obstacles to profiting GUSD, and it is estimated that it can be obtained only by paying a small fee.

Third, risk management. Although there is a lack of direct supervision and regulation, entities engaged in digital asset futures trading must establish and improve internal settlement and risk management systems in accordance with the provisions of the existing exchanges and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, collect customer deposits in strict accordance with the proportions prescribed by the exchanges, and implement large amounts Detection mechanism, and strictly control transaction risks.

Michal: Yes, this is our goal. It took us a year and a half to have 12 hydroponic systems in operation. Thanks to the first batch of models and our closest communities and supporters, we can operate and test the system in actual operation, which speeds up the learning and optimization of details.

In addition to buying and holding, Assange also promoted Bitcoin in many public places; for example, when he met with the president of Google in 2014, he strongly recommended the benefits of buying BitcoHow to make Bitcoin transactions anonymousin to the latter. If Google listens According to me, then Google may own the entire planet.

On July 15, Nasdaq announced that it would acquire Cinnober, a cryptocurrency-friendly stock exchange in Sweden. Nasdaq issued a $190 million cash acquisition proposal to the exchange and called it a major financial technology provider for global brokers, exchanges and clearing houses.

However, I still want to emphasize that Bitcoin is currently not an effective store of value. Its origin determines that it is prone to fluctuations, which is completely normal for a creative destruction scene. When Bitcoin's user and transaction volume reaches a certain level, its volatility will gradually disappear. The only reason for Bitcoin's volatility is because Bitcoin's market value is only a small part of gold, so it is vulnerable to market manipulation and volatility. Map the world's circulating gold market value (approximately 8 trillion U.S. dollars) to 21 million Bitcoins, and each Bitcoin is worth about 380,000 U.S. dollars. As of this writing, Bitcoin is trading at $050.