EricWall, the head of cryptocurrency at Cinnober, a technology company that specializes in providing trading and clearing technology for exchanges, criticized the project party for selling ETH to cash out, Bitcoin mining todayand even threw a set of conspiracy theories. He posted that when the project party sells millions of ETH to ETH's competitors (other blockchains), there is a big problem: they can short ETH in the futures market, and then make a low price in the spot market. Selling ETH, in this way, they can not only get the income of selling ETH, but also manipulate the price of ETH spot market to facilitate their short selling. He believes that many direct competitors of Ethereum have strategic and economic incentives to suppress ETH prices.

"Securities Daily": In recent years, a variety of blockchain actions have emerged in the process of blockchain empowering the real economy. The Blockchain Professional Committee of the Communications Industry Association advocates the promotion of blockchain reform, that is, chain reform actions. Excuse me, what is chain reform? What role does the association play in it?

In 2012, BIP32 brought us the HD wallet, but it has nothing to do with the high definition (high definition) you want. HD wallets can add a hierarchical structure to deterministic wallets (Figure B), so it is called: Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets.

Whether we are willing to admit it or not, security is still the main obstacle to mainstream adoption, and hacking incidents such as encryption attacks are still issues that need to be tackled. However, in contradiction with it, as an innovative technology, blockchain technology is favored by the public. One of the main reasons is that it can realize the immutability of data. In the final analysis, this is also a manifestation of security. Now that the entire blockchain industry has developed, we must not forget our original intention and the importance of security.

ECAF (TheEOSCoreArbitrationForum, namely EOS Core Arbitration Forum or EOS Core Arbitration Organization), was created by Thomas Cox (formerly Vice President of before the EOS mainnet launch.

The law does not allow it to be one aspect, but it is more of its own inability to break through. There Bitcoin mining todayis one problem. Don't get the other way around. The earliest banknotes were issued by private banks. Since private individuals could not create a more credible currency than gold, there was a government monopoly later. With the disruptive development of technology, many premises may be broken. The currency market, I personally think, is the world's largest undeveloped business model in the future, because currency itself is a commodity.

XRP has always been criticized for its centralization, but the road to decentralization of XRP Ledger has finally taken a substantial step. Currently, Ripple runs less than 50% of the nodes on XRPLedger's default trusted node list (UNL), eliminating its ability to unilaterally make a decision.

Currently, many banks use the Ripple payment network, but apart from banks, no other industry currently uses this payment network. Therefore, Ripple hopes to improve this situation through Xpring. Ripple will cooperate with companies that use Ripple and Ripple's distributed ledger technology through investment, incubation, acquisition and funding.