Bitcoin futures

Bitcoin futures

The first bitcoin transaction

Suspicion of frozen accounts: Blockchain researcher Alex Lebed said that after conducting a code review of the GeminiDollar (GUSD) smart contract, he found that GUSD is contrary to the spirit and technical specifications of decentralized digital currencie

Bitcoin mining stocks

The white paper of the project was translated by CindyDaily. She explained the reason why the development team decided not to anchor WHC and BCH in both directions, because there is still no safe and feasible method to achieve two-way anchoring. The platf

Bitcoin mining software reddit

But what many people don’t know is that CSW is an extremely hard-working scholar: he is the only person in the world who holds all three GIAC Security Expert (GSE) certifications, has dozens of degrees, and is influenced by his Chinese wife. He is still s

Bitcoin price outlook

Many people in the industry said that the additional issuance of Bitcoin is pure nonsense, and Matt has no relationship with the Core team. However, Lebit founder Jiang Zhuoer not only supports additional issuance, but also revealed in an interview with r

Bitcoin mining today

EricWall, the head of cryptocurrency at Cinnober, a technology company that specializes in providing trading and clearing technology for exchanges, criticized the project party for selling ETH to cash out, and even threw a set of conspiracy theories. He p

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