Bitcoin futures

Bitcoin futures

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According to the forecast, the average net profit of the media sector will reach 61.7 billion in 2020, an increase of nearly 70 billion over the same period of last year.Over the same period, the main contracts of iron ore futures rose by% and coke future

Bitcoin predictions today

Hu Zhigang, chief executive of Yitai assets, said that he had recently discussed the trading opportunities of new options and the possible auxiliary role of the companys existing strategies.Sanya, Hengyang, Zibo, Fuzhou and Taiyuan are the top five cities

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2. Vaccine sector: under the new epidemic situation, the vaccination in the first quarter was seriously affected, and the vaccination of some vaccines was delayed. With the gradual control of the epidemic situation, the vaccine will usher in centralized r

What drives Bitcoin prices

Last week, investors became more rational in response to uncertainties, global stock markets stabilized, US stocks rebounded for the second consecutive week, the Asia Pacific market performed well, and the US dollar index continued to climb and close to t

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Specifically, it will strengthen institutional supervision and explore the implementation of differentiated regulatory policies; highlight functional supervision and further optimize and improve the system and mechanism; promote the organic combination of

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