Bitcoin futures

Bitcoin futures

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The average long position proportion was 19.64%, and the average short position proportion was 15.24%. The long position was temporarily ahead, and the number of leading positions (net position number) was 3.2551 million EOS.According to King 10, the Feds

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The establishment of taiyiglobal and the launch of udn wallet hardware products were successfully held in Shenzhen today. Yan Qizheng, CTO Zhang Yaliang and CMO Meng Chundong, the founders of Taiyi technology, announced the formal establishment of Taiyi g

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Li Hongjun, Secretary General of BtoC Chinese community ecological node Committee, shared the current development process and the following market strategic planning. Li Hongjun said that in the one month period of rapid promotion of the guide line, fruit

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Oassnetwork, a blockchain privacy computing platform, officially launched its main network at about 1:00 on November 19, Beijing time. It is reported that oasis will launch rose, a native online token, on the occasion of its main online line. The circulat

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The 9.88 mph aavev2 pool, initially including Dai and usdc pools, is scheduled to be released on December 11.For example, in terms of price increase, when the daily line amplitude of LTC reaches 15.2%, the closing price falls by 2.5%, which is a relativel

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